About Three Afro Tenors

Three Afro Tenors


The Three Afro Tenors is a brilliant fusion of classical training, African tradition and superb Eurocentric opera. The Three Afro Tenors is a function band and one of South Africa’s best in opera.

The operatic band commonly performs in either traditional Madiba shirts or tuxedos. The trio is Given Mabena, Lucky Sibandan and Agos Moahi and get standing ovations when they perform. They are an operatic sensation and are fast becoming a household name in South Africa since the release of their debut album. The band has performed at some of the country’s top events and festivals and has shared the stage with other national and international greats. They have likewise been featured in local and international media. Their fan-base continues to expand with their fandom spreading across a wide and diverse audience.

Today the Three Afro Tenors are a sought after function band, and their journey started in the mid-90s. Three dreamers went after their dream of performing on stage and the result is a remarkable trio who performs classical opera and traditional bush songs, always performing in coordinated attire. They have been extensively publicized and serve as an inspiration to many.

The Trio’s performance highlights span from big public events to small corporate events. Big moments include performing at the Presidential Inauguration Concert as well as proudly representing South Africa at the FIFA launch in Lisbon, Portugal and the National Day Celebration for the South African Embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark.

While the trio’s friends enjoy Kwaito, Hip Hop and Rap, the Three Afro Tenors continue to pursue their instinctive love and enjoyment for Opera, a genre of music that is not traditionally associated with the township. They are unique in the sense that they incorporate contemporary and delicate ethnic elements to their music and have, as a result, made the genre their own. They never fail to capture the hearts of their audiences across South Africa and beyond with their raw talent.

The group has an excellent repertoire of music, from widely known classical hits, popularised by other famous Opera singers, to the best of African traditional songs, like Meadowlands, Thula-Thula, Malaika as well as their tribute to Mandel, Rolihahla Mandela.

Their ambitions far exceed success as performers. Collectively their ambition is to be role-models for South Africa’s youth. Through singing they aim to showcase their richness and diversity of South Africa’s cultural heritage, always encouraged by their purpose and skills to bring something unique to their audience.

Song list

  • Nella Fantasia.
  • O Sole Mio.
  • Asimbonanga uMandela.
  • This is the Moment.
  • Eo uya kae.
  • Malaika.
  • Amigos Para siempre.
  • Nessun Dorma.
  • Township Vibe.
  • Brindisi.
  • Ntjilo Ntjilo.
  • You'll Never Walk Alone.
  • You Raise Me Up.
  • Mbube.
  • La Donna e Mobile.
  • Questa O Quella.
  • Time To Say Goodbye.